Recommend Webinars

Short courses and webinars recommended by Shay

Canine Enrichment and Affective State with Shay Kelly
Animal Centered Education (ACE): Understanding Dog Needs and How to Do Freework with Sarah Fisher
The Antecedent Iceberg: Embracing the Natural Integration of Ethology & Behaviorism with Kim Brophey
Barking Mad: BAT & Other Techniques for Frustration
Building Canine Confidence with Movement – Lori Stevens
Canine Fire Detectors! Smoke Alarm Training for Dogs – Anders Hallgren
Common Behavior Challenges: Inside the Home
Common Behavior Challenges: Outside the Home (Walking, Come, etc.)
Common Behavior Challenges: Reactivity
Consent Culture: Don’t Just Grab the Pussycat (or Dog!) – Webinar
Cooperative Care: Training for Empowered Cooperation with Grooming, Vet Care, and Body Handling
A Critical Comparison of 7 Training Methods for Fear in Dogs
Deaf Dogs: Your Route to Training Success with Terrie Hayward
Draw Your Dog with Lili Chin
Effort-less Dog Walking: New Innovations in BAT Leash Skills including the Leash Belay
Empowered Puppy Raising (self-study course)
Empowered Puppy Raising Course with Ahimsa Manual
Family Safety: Prevent Dog Bites through Empathy and Clear Communication
Force-Free Clicker Retrieve: Any Dog Can Fetch
The Future of Dog Training
Going Beyond Ethograms of Street Dogs: the Lives of Free-Living Urban Dogs in India with Sindhoor Pangal.
Holistic Approach to Dog Reactivity 1: Intro & Case Studies with Dante Camacho
Holistic Approach to Dog Reactivity 2 with Dante Camacho
Course Bundle: Holistic Reactivity 1 and 2 with Dante Camacho
How Solid is Your Foundation? Essential Dog Training Skills & Theory
How to Administer Eye Drops to Dogs with Consent: Step-by-Step Training with Laura VanArendonk Baugh
How to Teach a Group Class for Dog Aggression Using Click to Calm with Emma Parsons
Husbandry & Handling Case Consults with Terrie Hayward
Imposter Experience: Training the Dragons of Doubt with Dr. Lori Kogan
Intro to Husbandry & Body Handling: Helping Dogs Relax
Kids and Dogs: Compassion and Safe Boundaries for Best Friends
LATTE Pattern Game for Enrichment and Decompression with Leslie McDevitt
Learning the Ropes: All Things Leash Handling with Michael Shikashio and Grisha Stewart
Leash Belay for Dog Walking: Hands-On Practice Online – Grisha Stewart
Leash Walking Challenge Combo
Michael Shikashio Dog-Dog Aggression Cases
Michael Shikashio Dog-Human Aggression Cases
MicroSigns Dog Body Language Webinar: Would You Have Noticed? with Katrien Lismont
Multiple Dog Households: Conflicts, Resolutions, & Creating Calm with Debby McMullen, CDBC.
Noise Phobia: How to Help Dogs with Sound Sensitivities – Karolina Westlund, Phd
Nosework for Cats: An Introduction with Hanna Fushihara CPDT-KA
Pain and Behavior: Learning How to Recognize and Understand Pain in Dogs with Dr. Hannah Capon
Pandemic Puppies: Puppy Resilience & Manners with Katey Aldred MSc, RVN
Predation Substitute Training Webinar: New Ways to Manage Predatory Chasing
Reactivity for Geeks
Resource Guarding Webinar: for Dogs Who Growl or Bite to Keep Their Stuff with Diane Garrod.
Rocket Recall: Unleash Your Dog’s Desire to Return! Simone Müller
Separation Anxiety: Deciphering the Behavior with Terrie Hayward, CSAT (Webinar Available Now)
Separation Anxiety in Shelters, Rescues and Newly Adopted Dogs with Malena DeMartini, CTC (Free Mini Course)
Shelter or Rescue Organization Scholarship
Sighthounds are Special! Behavior, Training, & Welfare with Susan McKeon
Small Dogs Rock: Training and Care for Big Dogs in Small Packages
Sport Dog: Puppy Foundations with Jamie Popper
Stationing for the Win-Win! Platform Training for Behavior
Stop Barking! How to Zoom With a Dog Without Losing Your Job
Stop Pulling! Great Big Loose Leash Walking for Dogs and Puppies (complete self-paced course)
Stress and Anxiety in Dogs with Anders Hallgren
Susan Friedman: Why Animals Need Trainers Who Adhere to the Least Intrusive Principle
Suzanne Clothier – Elemental Questions(TM) Dog Training Webinar
Terrie Hayward Husbandry Bundle – Webinar and Course
Train Your Nervous System Webinar: Applying the Science of Pain, Stress, Trauma, and Social Connection with Sukie Baxter
TTouch and BAT Together! Empowered Body Awareness for Dog Resilience with Katrien Lismont
Tween Puppy Course with Ahimsa Manual
The Wolf in your Living Room: Primitive Breeds with Molly Sumridge