If you could choose your guardian angel (let’s assume they exist), what kind of guardian angel would you choose?

Would you like a mean angel who prods you, pushes you, pulls you, shouts at you, ignores you, chokes you, takes out their frustrations on you and doesn’t even consider how you might feel?


Would you prefer a kind guardian angel who looks out for you, spots danger, keeps you safe, makes sure you get your fair share of the good stuff and ensures your needs are met and that you enjoy life?


Of course, this is a nonsensical question. It’s nonsensical, not because of the mythology of guardian angels, but because the answer is ridiculously obvious.  Of course, you’d choose the kind angel!

So which guardian angel would you choose for your dog?  This time you really do get to choose because their guardian angel is you!

It’s you who controls their whole life. When they go out, when they come in, where they sleep, what they eat, whether life is interesting, who they meet, if they see a vet and whether they feel safe. Almost everything they do is controlled by you.

What type of guardian angel will you be?

Shay Kelly is the author of Dog training and behavor: a guide for everyone and Canine Enrichment: the book your dog needs you to read

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