They say that dogs are loyal!

They say that dogs are loyal
I tend to disagree
They have no other option
They can’t leave or run free
We bring them into our lives
They don’t have a choice
The dog does not complain
Because they do not have a voice
They can’t pack a bag
Or slip away by night
they must stay, whatever
And simply face their plight
Life is based on chance
A roll of the dice
Live with someone horrid
Or live with someone nice
Dogs depend on us
And what we choose to give
How we meet their needs
Decides how happily they live
Don’t we owe it to them
To do the best we can
To give them all they need
So that dog can live with man
We can give so much more
Than water, warmth and food
There are many more activities
Which we could and should include
Give the dog an interest
Give them something to enjoy
Like playing with a doggy friend
Or a box they can destroy
Take them to the river
To the fields and through the mud
Let them be a dog
And do the things dogs should
Let them play and run
And sniff and then to seek
Give them all the things they’d ask for
If they could only speak
~Shay Kelly~2018~

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